Easy 1-minute lesson of “Rule of contemporary Art”



【rule 33】 There is masterpiece where you broke “common sense of Art”



Even color, such as combination of warm color and cool color of some theory textbook, but artist who beat it and creating entirely new standard is genius artist.


Damien Hirst      「Nopaline」       2011-2012     He affected color scheme by insipid cold mineral color of bottle medicine is very new sence I feel. Really wonder… The man who notice taht color of bottle of medicine decide next era of art, is only Damian!



            hahaha ^ ^ Cosily …

Tomoko Nagai(1892-)      「雪ん子ガール」 The Snow-child-girl       2011


Tomoko Nagai      「パペットといろいろの国 」 Puppet and Various Countries     2011


Until a little before, the picture of the cute girly has not been recognized as art.
Transformation of consciousness is creation of “new value”.