Comedic comment to Photo




Plum started blooming
Here we go,
Spring balmy!

Museum of Contemporary Art (Sandiago USA)

though only board
cool art!



On the beach of San Diego, art you should viewing while sipping tropical drinks.
Night of DJ Club, roughly, around AM2, beauty gather!



Vertex of
design like”Japan beautiful”

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Korin Ogata(1658~1716) 「”Red and white plum screen”」

 No,1″plum”of Japanese art!




Food also delicious spring!

Collage artist, Eugenia Loli,
Eugenia Loli(Greek woman)
Eugenia Loli

Contents are”Space”, “jewelry”
Jump up tasty!



Draw food delicious is difficult.
But this artist is very well.




Pipe monument  project Russia




Complex situation
real “ordinary home”

14 Richard Billingham(1970- English) 1995

Very artistic,
and I can laugh..



Human life is even no matter how disastrous,
definitely,sublime and great like myth,  …



Of first-class museum of NY
in a glass case
seen by everyone
mindedly sleeping artists

tilda-swinton-sleeping-moma (1)
Tilda Swinton  (1960-    British artist  , actress)  「The Maybe」


Seven years, at the museum, repeated this exhibition,
Now, she can soundly….

Another point of view, she is “crazy” ? ………



Sleeping artist’s
face as Oscar-winning actress

Tilda Swinton