Comedic comment to Photo





He is wheelchair artists.
We should not laugh,
But it is art work althoug…

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Ryan Gander  (1976- English)



We felt wheelchair is distant world,
but (because relatives was just only not move one his foot)
I was surprised to find that wheelchair was his daily.

So,I began to pay attention to people who move around lightly in wheelchair at the station.




It looks like exhibition ready!

Ryan Gander   left 「It stole my thunder」  right「It stole your thunder」   2011   TARO NASU(Japan)

Perverse ~!



Highest masterpiece of 2014
is this!!!

Ryan Gander

Home party will very fun
with such stupid wood carving of shelf.




She becomes such a face
if she looke this in gallery






Next time,
What is this!!!!

ryan6Surprised …
it seemed to Bagina




Finally, please show me artwork to reassure

Ryan Gander & Kazuki Kuraishi     「Lisson Gallery staff wearing customised Adidas zx 750 trainers」      2014.

Because shoes pattern is mud from the beginning,
so we are all right. .



This, subtly funny work, do not create!
But, if the stylish gallery staff everyone is wearing this,its very stylish cool~!