Front line of contemporary art




Jasper Johns  (1930- American )



Why you steal rag target of game of Japan’s countryside hot springs “prizes shooting game”

Jasper Johns  「Target」    1961




He became artist to be introduced textbook by drawing “target”.

After all, “simple” is strong.
Let aim “simple”!

This art work’s real thing has very beautiful (uneven condition of paint)nuances on the screen (=matière) .



Quiz!  what is this?

Jasper Johns





Ding-dong♪? IMG_0659The idea of making abstract art work by map of own country,is unexpectedly normally not come out.




To him,
is there right-wing ideology?

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Jasper Johns   「Three Flags」    1958

I guess feeling is
like love of American freedom..





(Details of works of flag)
It looks beautiful and deep




Even large master,
though not saying poor work,
but create also works of not good enough..

Jasper Johns  「Perilous Night (detail)」   1982



Although Picasso also,
Since masters aim to “adventurous and large hit” art work,
so (In the process)there is “too much offensive experimental art work = poor work” is surprisingly offten!

“Many poor work is condition of masters” is mot.