1-minute good laugh “Rule of contemporary Art”

【rule 15】 Art is vulnerable to summer?



Mainly, exhibition centerpiece of Art and (show) and auction (auction) are concentrated in spring and autumn season.
Summer, there is a popular leisure diplomatic such as bathing than Art stare the inner surface of their own.

As Festival (Art Festival) format, there is also a place to do large scale in the summer.
(Yet, as summer entertainment, art has room for development)

Arts Festival of the earth also “Echigo Art Triennale” held (July-September) of the summer every three years.
In the rice fields, art masters of the world, creating works casually.


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Ilya & Emilia Kabakov    “Tanada”    Ukrainians     2012     Fusion of sculpture and character


Work of the pool bottom of the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa is cool.


Pool of Leandro   Kanazawa 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art


This museum,Yuko Hasegawa was founded (appeared in “style of professional work NHK”) global curator.
(She is also like comedy too. She is (West=Japan)Kansai-born.
She picked up in magazine Naoki Tomita who was belong to “Yoshimoto Kogyo” NSC.)


Jeff Koons      ”Hanging Heart”       Stairs summer of Versailles Queen         2008


In the Palace of Versailles, in the summer specification, introduced “← comedic coment for photo <9>” , Jeff Koons are displayed in the vacation for tourists.
It’s Fun!
Jpapan has courage of contemporary art in Kyoto Imperial Palace?