Front line of contemporary art






Otaku anime system of site from the sampling (= copy) was such as collages of material, activity on the Internet is the main.




Kazuki Umesawa    2010年   Hidari Zingaro


Anymore, feel also religiosity.


20130509_umelab2_v (1)
Kazuki Umesawa   『“Chaos of the Rising Characters” 』      Digital print and acrylic on gesso on wood panel      2012年



Copyright and state-of-the-art creative” is closely.
(Began in Chicago) DJ culture as well, there are tacit understanding that DJ is allowed if sampling by respect.
HipHop is, the momentum because of black culture, from classical music to pop, most sampling free genre.


Tom Sanford  「Tupac with Dead Biggie」     2001年    Pose of sign of hands of  wrapper, is message “I’m west coast (= W), so please kill me by East Coast (= E) !”. It was fusion of “Art and murder”by gangsta rapper.


Japan, such as the classic quote, is the sampling vigorous culture.

Japanese culture itself, we can say as sampling culture from “mainly China and Korean culture”